Department of Economics Working Paper Series

The EUSP Department of Economics invites submissions from authors not directly affiliated with EUSP for publication in its Working Paper Series. Submissions must be in English or, in exceptional cases, may also be in Russian. All submissions will be peer-reviewed by the Editorial Board of the Series

Editorial Board of the EUSP Department of Economics Working Paper Series:

Rick Van der Ploeg (University of Oxford and OxCarre);

Kirill Borissov (EUSP);

Yulia Vymyatnina (EUSP).


The EUSP Department of Economics Working Paper Series is indexed by RePEc and is available through EconPapers. See also the webpage of the Department at RePEc, the list and the ranking of institutions in Russia registered in RePEc.






2023/01, NPV, IRR, PI, PP, and DPP: A Unified View
by Mikhail Sokolov



2022/01, Green Factor Influence on the Yield of Stocks and Bonds in the Russian Financial Market
by Yulia Vymyatnina and Aleksandr Chernykh



2020/03, Naive Agents with Quasi-hyperbolic Discounting and Perfect Foresight
by Kirill Borissov, Mikhail Pakhnin and Ronald Wendner

2020/02, Health Capital Provision and Human Capital Accumulation
by Leonid Azarnert

2020/01, How to Measure the Average Rate of Change?
by Aleksandr Alekseev and Mikhail Sokolov



2017/05, Learning by Doing, Inequality, and Sustained Growth: A Middle-class Perspective
by Alain Desdoigts and Fernando Jaramillo

2017/04, Do Mincerian Wage Equations Inform How Schooling Influences Productivity?
by Christian Groth and Jakub Growiec

2017/03, Heterogeneous Human Capital, Inequality and Growth: The Role of Patience and Skills
by Kirill Borissov, Stefano Bosi, Thai Ha-Huy and Leonor Modesto

2017/02, Local Bifurcations of Three and Four-Dimensional Systems: A Tractable Characterization with Economic Applications
by Stefano Bosi and David Desmarchelier

2017/01, Mapping the Stocks in MICEX: Who Is Central in Moscow Stock Exchange?
by Hakan Eratalay and Evgenii Vladimirov



2016/05, Factor-Biased Technological Change and the Skill Premium: A Cross-Country Evidence
by Vladimir Matveenko and Shamil Sharapudinov

2016/04, Portfolio Return Relative to a Benchmark
by Alexander Alekseev and Mikhail Sokolov

2016/03, Fractal Characterization of Long Memory in Electricity Prices (in Russian)
by Yuri Balagula

2016/02, Economic Growth and Property Rights on Natural Resources
by Kirill Borissov and Mikhail Pakhnin

2016/01, The Role of High-Frequency Traders in the Foreign Exchange Market Bid-Ask Spreads
by Carlos Lenczewski



2015/03, Environmental Kuznets Curve: The Case of Russia (in Russian)
by Yulia Raskina and Sergei Mihalischev

2015/02, Ramsey Equilibrium with Liberal Borrowing
by Robert A. Becker, Kirill Borissov, and Ram Sewak Dubey

2015/01, A 5-sector DSGE Model of Russia (in Russian)
by Sergey Ivashchenko



2014/06, Near-Rational Expectations: How Far Are Surveys from Rationality?
by Sergey Ivashchenko

2014/05, Monetary Policy Rules in the Countries of the Customs Union (in Russian)
by Yulia Vymyatnina and Evgeniya Goryacheva

2014/04, The RIN Market as a New Stage in the Development of Environmentally Friendly Fuels (in Russian)
by Ekaterina Kakorina, Timerkhan Bakhautdinov and Elias Dmitriev

2014/03, Application of Minsky's Theory to State-Dominated Economies
by Yulia Vymyatnina and Mikhail Pakhnin

2014/02, Forecasting in a Non-Linear DSGE Model
by Sergey Ivashchenko

2014/01, Public Goods, Voting, and Growth
by Kirill Borissov, Joseph Hanna, and Stephane Lambrecht



2013/09, A Study of Pension System Efficiency in the Presence of Natural Resource Economy (in Russian)
by Alexey Chernulich

2013/08, A Characterization of Ramsey Equilibrium in a Model with Limited Borrowing
by Kirill Borissov and Ram Sewak Dubey

2013/07, Finding the Nearest Valid Covariance Matrix: An FX Market Case
by Alexei Minabutdinov, Ilia Manaev, and Maxim Bouev

2013/06, The Rich and the Poor in a Simple Model of Growth and Distribution
by Kirill Borissov

2013/05, A Theory of Average Growth Rate Indices
by Alexander Alexeev and Mikhail Sokolov

2013/04, Money Supply and Monetary Policy in Russia: A Post-Keynesian Approach Revisited
by Yulia Vymyatnina

2013/03, Estimating Nonlinear DSGE Models with Moments Based Methods
by Sergey Ivashchenko

2013/02, A DSGE Model with a Banking Sector and Endogenous Defaults of Firms (in Russian)
by Sergey Ivashchenko

2013/01, The Existence of Equilibrium Paths in an AK-model with Endogenous Time Preferences and Borrowing Constraints
by Kirill Borissov



2012/04, Estimation of Multivariate Stochastic Volatility Models: A Comparative Monte Carlo Study
by Hakan Eratalay

2012/03, Finding a Valid FX Covariance Matrix in the BS World
by Maxim Bouev

2012/02, Environmental Maintenance in a Dynamic Model with Heterogenous Agents
by Kirill Borissov, Thierry Bréchet and Stéphane Lambrecht

2012/01, Are Clean Technology and Environmental Quality Conflicting Policy Goals?
by Thierry Bréchet and Guy Meunier



2011/07, DSGE Model Estimation on Base of Second Order Approximation
by Sergey Ivashchenko

2011/06, Russia's Trade Flows and WTO (in Russian)
by Sergey Kolesnikov and Olga Podkorytova

2011/05, On Equilibrium Dynamics with Many Agents and Wages Paid ex ante
by Kirill Borissov

2011/04, Sustainable Growth in a Model with Dual-Rate Discounting
by Kirill Borissov and Kirill Shakhnov

2011/03, Inflation and Policies of the Bank of Russia: Is There a Link? (in Russian)
by Yulia Vymyatnina and Anna Ignatenko

2011/02, A Note on Indices of Return
by Alexander Alexeev and Mikhail Sokolov

2011/01, Long Memory in the Oil Market: A Spectral Approach (in Russian)
by Yuri Balagula and Yulia Abakumova



2010/06, Statistics of Natural Resources as a Part of National Wealth (in Russian)
by Yulia Raskina

2010/05, Review of Approaches to Oil Price Modeling (in Russian)
by Yulia Raskina

2010/04, Oil Price Influence on Russian Macroeconomic Indicators (in Russian)
by Olga Podkorytova and Tatyana Chigvintseva

2010/03, Investigation of Cointegration of Oil Prices and Russian Market Indices (in Russian)
by Alexander Alexeev

2010/02, Common and Private Property to Exhaustible Resources: Theoretical Implications for Economic Growth
by Kirill Borissov and Alexander Surkov

2010/01, Endogenous Growth in a Model with Heterogeneous Agents and Voting on Public Goods
by Kirill Borissov and Alexander Surkov



2008/03, Asymptotics of Equilibrium Paths in an Endogenous Growth Model with Concave Consumption Function (in Russian)
by Vera Kipyatkova

2008/02, Pension System in a Two-Classes Overlapping Generations Model (in Russian)
by Kirill Borissov and Alexander Surkov

2008/01, Reciprocal Altruism and Pension System in Overlapping Generations Models (in Russian)
by Kirill Borissov and Alexander Surkov



2005/03, Growth and Distribution in Models with Endogenous Impatience
by Kirill Borissov and Stéphane Lambrecht

2005/02, Monetary Policy Transmission and Bank of Russia Monetary Policy
by Yulia Vymyatnina

2005/01, Demand for Money During Transition: The Case of Russia
by Barry Harrison and Yulia Vymyatnina



2002/01, A Simple Test for Unit Root Bilinearity
by Wojciech Charemza, Mikhail Lifshits and Svetlana Makarova



2001/02, On Proportional Excess for NTU Games
by Sergei Pechersky


Submission guidelines

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