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The ENERPO Research Center was created at the European University at Saint Petersburg in 2015.
Within its research agenda, the Center focuses on the following issues:

  • Strategic policy development and advocacy for energy efficiency and clean energy;
  • Climate change and the strengthening of Russia’s position in the international climate agenda, in relation to international security and the environmentally-sensitive Arctic region;
  • Development of green financial instruments, promotion of sustainable development best practices, and the introduction of international standards for environmental and social risk management.

The ENERPO Research Center develops educational programs on sustainable development, inclusive of the Paris Climate Agreement and Russia’s obligations in relation to environmental protection and climate change.

The Center conducted the following activities in 2016-2018, in cooperation with public and private customers:

  • Developed a strategy and business plan for a green investment fund;
  • Analyzed international best practices in green financial instruments;
  • Held the Clean Energy Forum international conference in Saint Petersburg (in 2016-2018);
  • Developed a corporate education program in sustainable development, energy efficiency, and Russian climate policy;
  • Put together a handbook on energy efficiency projects in the Northwestern Federal District of Russia.