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The History Department prides itself on its dynamism, and has continued to evolve since it was established in 1994. The guiding principle has, however, remained unchanged: study of the past provides the opportunity for critical thought. In their research and graduate courses, faculty members explore new ways of understanding Russian history in a global context, as befits a twenty-first century characterized by global exchange. A broad interpretation of the boundaries of Russian history is visible in the department’s academic profile, as well as in its institutional commitments.

Our methodological approaches are frequently interdisciplinary, and we develop them in dialogue with colleagues working in other geographic contexts. Cooperation with Russian and international colleagues is an important part of the department’s activity — all of our faculty members present at academic conferences, we frequently welcome guest lecturers, and institutional agreements facilitate regular exchange. The History Department is committed to constantly reinventing itself — to drawing on successful traditions, incorporating lessons drawn from everyday experience, and assimilating the foremost international practices.

Teachers and researchers

Ekaterina Melnikova

Associate Professor, Department of History; Senior Researcher, Center for Applied Research

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