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The EUSP International Scientific Conference will be held in Yerevan on November 1–3, 2023

European University at St. Petersburg is holding a scientific conference “Setting and overcoming borders: the Greater Caucasus in regional and global history, XVIII–XX centuries.” The conference is dedicated to the history of the Greater Caucasus — a historical and geographical macro-region that unites many cultures, religions, economic structures and identities.

Olga Bychkova: “I think that ethical discussions around the union of science and technology will never disappear”

Olga Bychkova, Dean of the Faculty of Sociology, Director of the Center for Science and Technology Studies (STS Center) of the European University, told the RBC.Trends about the trends in the science of the future — the entry of digital technologies into science, interdisciplinarity, the gradual disappearance of fundamental research, etc.

CIASE has prepared an analytical report “Russian Historians. Portrait of an academic profession"

The Center for Institutional Analysis of Science and Education has prepared an analytical report titled “Russian Historians: Portrait of an Academic Profession" . The report is the result of a joint study by CIASE and the Scholarly Electronic Library eLibrary (similar surveys have been conducted for sociologists, economists, political scientists and lawyers).

How to Estimate the Cost of Crimes? Employees of the Institute for Law Enforcement Problems have published a new article

The scientific journal "Applied Econometrics" has published an article by employees of the Institute for Law Enforcement Problems: Leonid Zhizhin, Alexei Knorre, Ruslan Kuchakov and Dmitry Skogarevsky. The work is called "What Crime Costs Russian Society: Measurement Using a Compensating Change in Income ".