Development Office

The European University's Development Office commenced its activities in 2005. It is modelled on the advancement teams of leading Western universities. Its main mission is to seek support from foundations, corporate and individual donors. These donations help assure the financial stability of the University, which, in turn, develop its research and teaching programs and maintain its infrastructure.



  • To seek donations which will insure a sustainable development for the university in order to achieve its main priorities;
  • To forge relationships with foundations, corporate and individual donors;
  • To manage stewardship activities, including status reports to donors.



EUSP Vice-Rector for Development Adress

l kurylev krug


Dear Colleagues and Friends
of the European University at St. Petersburg!


The European University at St. Petersburg (EUSP) is a non-governmental institution. Its financial stability depends on donations from its friends and supporters − foundations, corporate and individual donors. EUSP is deeply indebted to all donors for their support.

On behalf of the University, I would like to thank everyone individually. Because of your support in only 20 years EUSP was able to develop from a small graduate school into one of Russia’s leading universities in humanities and social sciences.

Gifts of any size are greatly appreciated. Thank you once again for assisting us in the development of EUSP and in pursuing our efforts toward the advancement of an independent higher education in Russia.

Your support will allow the European University to remain a platform for academic discussion, a place where the intellectual elite can meet and promote new ideas.

Alexander Kurylev,
EUSP Vice-Rector for Development


Means of support

The European University at St. Petersburg (EUSP) accepts both open and/or anonymous donations via wire transfer once an agreement with the donor is signed. It should be noted that the EUSP can accept donations only from Russian citizens or legal entities registered in the Russian Federation.


Donor Recognition

EUSP offers its donors various recognition possibilities, in proportion to the value of the gift. These can be -- invitations to exclusive events; public recognition on EUSP’s website, in the EUSP annual brochure, on the donor wall, in faculty publications. The university also provides its corporate and individual donors various naming opportunities which are tied to student scholarships, professorships, centers, buildings, rooms, etc.


Contact Information

Do not hesitate to contact the EUSP Development Office should you have any questions regarding means of cooperation.



EUSP Development Office
6/1A Gagarinskaya St.
191187 St. Petersburg, Russia
Tel.: +7 812 386 7631
Fax: +7 812 386 7639