The Center for Modernization Studies

The Center for Modernization Studies (M-center) was established in August 2008 and is an independent department within EUSP. The M-Center’s purpose is to develop interdisciplinary comparative research on social, economic and political issues.

The M-Center is staffed by experts who were involved in compiling and editing the previously published collections “European Modernization,” “The Soviet Union after the Collapse,” and “Oil, Gas and the Modernization of Society,” as well as a number of other research projects.


Main activities:

  • Implementation of research programs and projects
  • Establishing and maintaining an intensive and effective scholarly environment through educational activities such as seminars and conferences
  • Supporting the development and training of young scholars working in the research fields covered by the M-Center
  • Preparation and dissemination of research publications, and print and electronic periodicals

The M-Center’s research fellows write regular columns for the news websites and

The Your Public Opinion (VOT) cable TV channel has launched a news analysis program presented by Dmitry Travin, “Major Crisis,” which deals with the current economic situation.

Each Monday at 1:00 p.m., Echo of Petersburg radio station airs the program “Down to Business,” in which Dmitry Travin and other invited experts discuss the week’s most important events.


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