EUSP is an independent private university which supports the following core principles of governance: responsibility, shared governance and meritocracy.

The determination of the main directions of the University’s development, the election of the rector, the adoption of decisions on the main strategic issues, the control of the University’s activities are within the competence of the General Meeting of Founders - the supreme governing body of EUSP.

The current management of the University is carried out by the Rector.

The functions of the Board of Trustees include a preliminary review of all management issues of the University, including those related to the exclusive competence of the General Meeting of Founders, making their conclusions and recommendations on them. The general meeting of the founders and the Rector must take into account the opinion of the Board of Trustees without fail.

The University is engaged in the planning of educational and research activities of the Academic Council; under it, a number of specialized committees function on an ongoing basis.