Interdepartmental Center "Petersburg Judaica"

The Center was established at EUSP in 1999

Jewish studies, which originated in Germany in the early nineteenth century as Wissenchaft des Judentums (the “science of Judaism”), is today a rapidly expanding area of research on European culture. Within this broad field, the Center focuses primarily on the history and culture of Eastern European Jews both during the “classical” (sixteenth to nineteenth centuries) and “post-classical” (Soviet and current) periods. Our priority is historical-anthropological research methods and fieldwork.

Main activities:
• Research on the history and culture of the Jews of Eastern Europe, especially Russia
• The educational program “Historical-Anthropological Approaches to Jewish Studies”
• Presentation of research results using modern expositional methods and techniques

Currently, the Center’s biggest and most important project is “Field Studies of Post-Soviet Jews,” launched in 2004. This ongoing project involves around thirty students and researchers from various disciplines.

The focus of our educational work is the training program “Historical-Anthropological Approaches to Jewish Studies,” developed by the Center’s faculty. The program provides graduate training in Jewish studies.

The duration of the program is one year, and students can combine their studies with study in one of EUSP’s other departments.

As for the presentation of research, aside from traditional academic publications, the Center develops and employs modern expositional techniques for its collections and research projects.


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