Reforms and Reformers in the Historical Fortunes of Russia

Department of History
Project start date:

The program “Reforms and Reformers in the Historical Fortunes of Russia” is a project launched in 2011 with the financial support of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Goznak”. The program pursues scientific objectives as well as socio-political ones.


The project addresses the following issues:

  • goals of the reforms and their realization
  • reasons for the need for reforms in the eyes of the society
  • political will of the rulers and practical implementation of the reforms
  • the reformers’ fortunes in Russian history
  • foreign models and their adaptation to Russian realities
  • expression of the reforms in national symbols
  • language of the reforms: words and concepts
  • reforms and the process of modernization



March 15th-16th, 2012 an international conference "The Phenomenon of Reform in Europe and Russia in the Early Modern Period (16th-18th Centuries)" 

March 14th-15th, 2011 an international conference "Alexander II: the Reformer’s Tragedy. 1861-1881. People in the fate of the reforms, reforms in the fate of the people"


Web-project “The history of the reforms”

The aim of the project is to make a good field for the researchers of the reforming phenomenon in Russian history. Nowadays, while there have appeared such a great number of e-documents that have changed historians’ “craft” practices by giving us both access to the scientific literature and to the sources, one of our aims is to arrange them. Our site should become a handy instrument that will help to deal with the systematized document collection and use bibliographical references.

Work on the project began with the section “The Age of the Great Reforms of Alexander II” coincided with the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation reform. The section consists of two equal parts. The first part “Reforms through the eyes of witnesses” shows us how the participants speak about the projects, discussions and realization of the reforms. Each sub-section has bibliographical links.

The section “Chronograph” is not less important and helps to unite sections connected with the topic of life in the period of changes. Such things as everyday life, great inventions, fashion, theatre performances and trials are the signs that reflect the spirit of the period. The authors of the project hope that this resource will become a helpful instrument for those who have professional interest towards the topic as well as for those who are just interested in history and wants to enrich his knowledge.

Meetings with the reformers are realization of the social-politic part of the program.

In autumn-winter 2011/2012 some of the Russian politicians who had taken part in the reform process of 1990-s and 2000-s made reports in the Golden Hall of the EUSPb. The aim of these event is to make the politicians of our days comprehend their activity in the framework of historical context. That’s why the faculty staff has worked out the reformers’ questionnaire (pdf 67KB)

On the 7th of October 2011 a meeting with Sergey Vasilyev took place. The meeting was devoted to the 20-th anniversary of Gaydar’s reforms. Read more >>>


Contact information:
Head of the project: Mikhail Krom
Project coordinator: Yulia Safronova
phone: (812) 386-76-34

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