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A new episode of the podcast "History is Just Beginning" is on the air

A new episode of the Podcast "History Is Just Beginning" is on the air. This time the theme is "The Caucasian War: History and Memory".  This war became the longest military confrontation in the history of the Russian Empire. Today it is well remembered in the North Caucasus and hardly remembered at all in the rest of Russia.  Historians Amiran Urushadze and Vladimir Lapin discuss why the Russian Empire fought for the Caucasus for so long and how the mountain people managed to remain undefeated.

"History is just beginning". EUSP launches popular science series

The European University launches a popular science series, "History is just beginning", where we talk to scholars who are discovering the past by studying what is left of it. The focus of the first episode is Christian marital morality, church interrogation methods and punishment for extramarital sex in pre-Petrine Russia. Investigations into fornication cases in Russia in the 18th century are discussed by Associate Professor of the Faculty of History Amiran Urushadze and a graduate student of the same faculty, Pavel Romanov.

Call for Papers. 16th Annual Conference “Constructing the ‘Soviet’? A Soviet Project in ‘Global Socialist Ecumene’”

In 2022, the History Department of the European University at Saint Petersburg will call the 16th Annual Conference “Constructing the ‘Soviet’?” for young scholars. This year our point of departure will be a category of the “global socialist ecumene”, which we apply to the Soviet and other socialist projects history.

Islam in Russia: Entangled History?

Russia's regions and republics with Muslim majorities (e.g. Tatarstan/Volga region; Daghestan/North Caucasus),  have traditionally been studied in isolation from each other, with the result that also the particular practices and concepts of Islam have been understood as "national". In recent years scholars and activists have established overarching cupola constructions like "Russian Islam", "Traditionalism" or "Islamic Eurasianism".


Professor Jay Winter (Yale University, USA) will give two lectures in the EUSP in September. The first one: «The Degeneration of War, 1917-1923»Place: EUSP, room 430Time: 6:30 PM, September 10. The second one: «Silence as a language of memory»Place: EUSP, room 430Time: 6:30 PM, September 12.  

THE FORCE OF DISCIPLINE: The Procuracy in Stalinist Russia, 1938-1956

The history of the procuracy illustrates that Stalinist justice was more than orchestrating show trials. Ordinary state prosecutors very rarely dealt with political enemies. Their main task was to investigate and prosecute millions of non-political offenses, such as theft, murder, or rape. At the same time, they bore responsibility to enforce legal norms within the state apparatus. All branches of government, including police work, were subject to prosecutors’ supervision. The procuracy not only was a crucial instrument for controlling the Soviet populace.