The New York Times об экспедиции в поселения Церкви Последнего Завета

Центр антропологии религии
Александр Александрович Панченко; Юлия Сенина

В The New York Times вышел материал об экспедиции младшего научного сотрудника ЕУСПб Юлии Сениной, фотографа Марии Гельман и журналистки Валери Хопкинс в поселения Церкви Последнего Завета (Красноярский край) в сентябре-октябре 2021 года.


Руководитель Центра антропологии религии Александр Панченко также дал комментарий к ситуации, сложившейся в последний год вокруг религиозного движения: 

"Though there are accusations of extortion and mistreatment of members of the Church of the Last Testament, scholars and criminal justice experts say the arrest of Mr. Torop underscores the government’s intolerance of anything that veers from the mainstream — even a small, marginal group living in the middle of the forest, led by a former police officer claiming to be God.

“There is an idea that there is a defined spiritual essence of Russian culture, meaning conservative values and so on, that is in danger,” said Alexander Panchenko, the head of the Center for Anthropology of Religion at the European University at St. Petersburg, who has been asked to serve as an expert witness in an administrative procedure that could strip the church of its legal status as a church, an act that he said was based on “false accusations.” “Somehow the new religious movements are now dangerous as well,” Mr. Panchenko said".

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Фото: Мария Гельман для The New York Times.