Open house day: Master’s Program ‘Data, Culture and Visualization’

Антонина Пучковская; Дмитрий Скугаревский

ITMO University is launching a Master’s Program ‘Data, Culture and Visualization’. This two-year English-language program seeks to expose students of humanities to the perspective of data scientists and vice versa. The program is offering courses taught by hard sciences experts from the ITMO University as well as social science classes taught by scholars from the European University at St. Petersburg.

When the ‘tribes’ of humanities students and data scientists collide whilst engaged in a joint project that brings social good, exciting results may happen. Antonina Puchkovskaia, head of ITMO's Digital Humanities Lab: ‘many programs in Russia are designed for humanities students who wish to learn the methods and algorithms of data analysis. Our program has a different goal: to bring together humanities and hard sciences students in order to combine their worldviews and create a truly interdisciplinary program’.


We are pleased to invite you to an open house day for the programme on May 25, 2019, 13:00 at the European University at St. Petersburg, White Hall (room 430).

  • 13:00-13:15 — Antonina Puchkovskaia, Data, Culture and Visualization program head, ITMO University: ‘Introduction to the program’.
  • 13:15-13:30 — Dmitriy Skougarevskiy, PJSC MTS Associate Professor of Empirical Legal Studies, European University at St. Petersburg: ‘Evidence-based decision making’.
  • 13:30-13:50 — Q&A session


The most straightforward way to apply is through ITMO University’s Portfolio Contest. In addition to their background and achievements, participants in the contest must also cite successful examples of projects they have been engaged in, explain which type of data they would like to work with in the future, and which fields and areas of knowledge they’d like to explore further. The application deadline for international students is June 2, 2019.


You can learn more about the program here:

All the details are available here: