Немецко-российский семинар "Ethnic minority groups and their languages in Europe and Russia"

Факультет антропологии

FRIDAY, 7th September 2012

12:30 Session One (Golden Hall)

  • 12.30 Maria Klessmann (European University Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder): ‘Who Really Wants to be German?' On identification and separation among female teenagers with a migration background in Berlin
  • 13.00 Yves Tauschwitz (European University Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder): Approaching a Russian German Identity - Attitudes towards Emigration
  • 13.30 Dagna Zinkhahn Robodes (European University Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder): Talking Viadrinic – Linguistic Permeability and Liminality at the German-Polish Border
  • 14.00 Concha Maria Hoefler (European University Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder): Constructing and Negotiating Inter- and Intra Group Boundaries in a Georgian Greek Community
  • 14.30 – TEA/COFFE

15.00 Session Two (Golden Hall)

  • 15.00 Tatiana Bogomolova (European University at St Petersburg): Language Attitudes and Language Usage in Catholic Sorbian Settlements (the case of Crostwitz)
  • 15.30 Daria Vorona (European University at St Petersburg): Siberian Ingrian Finnish: a Case of Language Preservation and Change
  • 16.00 Natalia Bichurina (European University at St Petersburg): Occitan Festivals and Meetings: An ideal future temporary come true? (Occitan language activists’ discourse and practices)
  • 16.30 Irina Bakhmutova (European University at St Petersburg): Russian Germans in Western Siberia: Variations of «Germanness»

17.00 – TEA/COFFEE

  • 18.30–20.30 Guest Lecture (Department of Anthropology, Lecture Room) Dr. Peter Rosenberg (European University Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder): Language Islands in Inundation: The (socio)linguistic development of the German language in Russia and Brazil


SATURDAY, 8th September 2012

  • 10.00 – 12.00 – Workshop final Discussion (Department of Anthropology Lecture Room)