MA «Research Economics»

Graduate programme «Research Economics» is equivalent to 120 ECTS. The ECTS credits are gained for compulsory and elective courses, research, obligatory internships outside the University and a master thesis.

Students must obtain 60 ECTS in each one of the two academic years. In order to receive the credits all the course requirements must be fulfilled.

The courses of graduate programme «Financial Economics» are available for students of the programme «Research Economics» as optional classes, however, the ECTS credits gained for those courses will not count towards the required 60 ECTS per year.

The majority of classes is currently given in Russian, although a few courses can be delivered in English, if there are non-Russian speaking students in the class. This is possible as some IMARES and ENERPO students have in the past chosen to take some economics classes.


First year (Modules 1–5)

Class hours (lectures+seminars) and the ECTS credits are given in brackets.

Module 1   (September—October)


Module 2   (November—December)




Module 3   (January—February)


Module 4   (March—April)


Module 5   (May—June)


Second year (Modules 6–10)

During the second year students should attend several compulsory and elective courses. The Master's thesis is to be submitted and defended by the middle of June.

Modules 6–7   (September—December)

Compulsory courses


Elective courses


Modules 8–10   (January—June)

Compulsory courses


Elective courses


The Department of Economics reserves the right to make partial changes in the programme.