One-year MA in Energy Politics and Energy Transition in Eurasia (ENERPO)


Degree:   MA in International Relations

Duration: 1 year 

Workload: 60 credits

Language: English

Next start: September 2022

Application deadline: April 30, 2022



One-year intensive ENERPO program focuses specifically on the global energy affairs with a particular focus on Russia and Eurasia. The program curriculum is designed to explore how states, societies, and businesses respond to energy transition, climate change, and the growing importance of renewables. You will learn and discuss a variety of topics including the future of fossil fuel industries, Russian-European and Russian-Asian energy relations and challenges, green energy perspectives in Eurasia, influence of energy sector on politics, economics, and social development in Russia, Central Asia, Middle East, and the Caucasus.
Active involvement in the research and publication activities of the ENERPO Research Center and ENERPO Journal is a crucial component of the program.


ENERPO is the only program in Russia that gives you the opportunity to

  • get an MA in Energy Politics in Eurasia in 1 year;
  • select the courses by the leading Russian and international professors and experts in the field;
  • design your own individual program from the broad course catalog;
  • attend open lectures and special workshops;
  • contribute articles to ENERPO Journal and the ENERPO Newsletter;  
  • study in the English language, learn/improve your Russian;
  • enjoy the life in St. Petersburg - the old imperial capital of Russia;
  • get an excellent foundation for your career in public service, academia, and business.  


You will study energy international relations in the most open, independent, and cosmopolitan academic environment in Russia with the best conditions to study Eurasian energy politics and getting Russia right.


ENERPO has empowered our alumni to make a career in

  • private and state companies such as S&P Global Platts, Argus Media, Glencore, Oiltanking Amsterdam B.V., Texas LNG, Elering AS, and Strabag;
  • government institutions in the USA, UK, Germany, Hungary, and Estonia;
  • educational institutions in Russia, the USA, and the EU. 



My studies at the European University at St. Petersburg gave me a truly global view of energy issues. I am grateful for my time at EUSP, it was essential for my career path and my personal growth.

Katherine Bennett (ENERPO, class 2014)
Senior Enforcement Analyst, WECC

Bennett 1


Entry requirements

BA degree. No prior knowledge of Russian is needed.

Starting dates:

You may start ENERPO twice a year. The fall semester starts at the beginning of September. The spring semester starts at the beginning of March. You may choose whichever start date best suits your needs. 

Admissions continue on a rolling basis. Early applications are strongly encouraged. Due to a somewhat lengthy Russian Study Visa issuing process, we ask to send the completed application form no later than

April 30, 2022, for enrollment in Fall Semester 2022

November 30, 2022, for enrollment in Spring Semester 2023

In case you miss the deadline, please write to us to discuss the possibility of a late application.



  Application procedure

  There are 3 easy steps to apply for ENERPO program at EUSP:

1. Complete the Application form

2. Send us all the required documents

3. Receive your Letter of acceptance or notification of rejection

More Detailed Application Procedure


Required documents:

1. Scanned copy of your Passport. Your international passport validity period must be at least 6 months following the date you are planning to leave Russia on completing the program (e.g. if you intend to stay in Russia until June 30, 2023, your passport expiry date shouldn't be earlier than December 30, 2023)

2. Scanned copy of your Bachelor's degree diploma (or documentation that proves you will receive your diploma this year)  

3. Scanned copy of your Academic Transcript

4. Your Statement of Purpose (about 500 words, including a statement of goals, research interests, and experiences, including the subject of your bachelor thesis)

5. Two letters of recommendation from academics who are closely acquainted with your academic work. The letters must be e-mailed directly from your referees to  

6. Your Curriculum Vitae


Start the application process



 Ask Alumni about ENERPO


Need more firsthand information about studying at EUSP? Please feel free to ask our wonderful alumni – they would be happy to share their experience with you and we would make sure that you feel comfortable and correspond privately.



"The experience at EUSP gave me a solid foundation for my career in the power industry with a global mindset. Studying in Russia provided a robust learning environment and exposure to colleagues from a variety of different backgrounds. I'm happy to give guidance and insight on what the EUSP experience is all about."

Jonathan Vasdekas (ENERPO, Class 2013)


Send your questions to Jonathan

Vasdekas 230