Pre-thesis training

Department of Economics
МА «Финансовая экономика»; MA «Исследовательская экономика»; MA «Экономика человека»

Course description

Pre-thesis training completes the series of practices in the MA programme. During this practice the students can work at the department or outside of the university. The only condition is that the work during this practice should be within the topic of MA thesis of a student, allowing for testing the hypotheses, for critical analysis and development of the research work of the previous three terms, for relating the topicality of this research to the needs of the relevant professional community. During pre-thesis training students join together all their knowledge and skills to explain the importance of their topics, to explain their hypotheses and their theoretical or empirical models, to place their results in the broader context of the relevant academic literature and/or practical needs. The end result of this training for a student should be a draft text of MA thesis.