The EUSP international program "RUSSIA’S ENERGY POLICIES" starts in 3 weeks

International programs
Mironova Irina; Romanova Tatiana; Никита Ломагин

Join a two-month intensive professional program and become a confident analyst in the field of Russian energy policy.

Program language: English. 

The energy market in Russia and around the world has changed radically. Its study and analysis require new approaches. The assessment of events and the practical use of the current analysis methodology became the basis of the program "RUSSIA’S ENERGY POLICIES". How does the Russian energy market react to the rapidly changing geopolitical context? Where does Russia plan to supply hydrocarbons? Are there alternative markets for Russian energy resources? How can energy companies change their priorities? What risks have emerged for Russia's energy security? These and other questions will be discussed in the courses of Nikita Lomagin, Tatyana Romanova and Irina Mironova.

In just 2 months you will be able to understand the changes in the energy policy of Russia and use the knowledge and skills in your work. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of qualification as an analyst of Russian energy policy. 

The program will be useful for:

  • Energy industry professionals who would like to update their knowledge and improve their analytical capabilities;
  • Journalists, authors and editors working in publications devoted to energy policy, economics, international relations;
  • Master's or PhD students who are studying energy policy;
  • Those who want to get a new in-demand specialty and find a job in the energy sector. 

Education can be combined with work. Classes are held at a convenient time, records will be available for several days to catch up with the program. You may study wherever you want online or join classes at the University at Saint Petersburg offline. The program is implemented with the support of the ENERPO research center.

Apply until March 1st. Register now to take your place in the group.

Important: the cost of the program, which starts on March 6, 2023, is USD $1800 (for the citizens of the former Soviet Union republics: 95 000 rubles) instead of USD $2100 (for the citizens of the former Soviet Union republics: 110 000 rubles).

In case of any questions you might have, feel free to contact us: or: +7 (812) 386-7648.


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