Romanova Tatiana

ENERPO Program Invited Professor, Associate Professor at St. Petersburg State University, Jean Monnet Chair since 2011
Academic degree:
PhD (Political Sciences)
Academic biography

PhD (St. Petersburg State University 2002) 

Some recent publications: The Partnership for Modernisation through the Three Level-of-Analysis Perspectives In: Perspectives on European Politics and Society, 2015, No. 1, pp. 45-61; Russian energy in the EU market: Bolstered institutions and their effects In: Energy Policy, 2014, Vol. 75, November, pp. 44-53; (co-authored with Elena Pavlova) What Modernisation? The Case of Russian Partnerships for Modernisation with the European Union and its Member States In: Journal of Contemporary European Studies, 2014, No 4, pp. 499-517; EU — Russia Energy Cooperation: Major Development Trends and the Present State In: Baltic Region, 2013, №3(17), pp. 4-13; Neoclassical Realism and Today’s Russia In: Russian in Global Affairs, 2012, No 3; Legal Approximation in Energy: A New Approach for the European Union and Russia In: Caroline Kuzemko, Michael Keating, Andreas Goldthau, Andrei Belyi (eds.) Political Economy in Energy, Palgrave (2012); The Theory and Practice of Reciprocity in EU-Russian Relations in Kjell Engelbrekt, Bertil Nygren (eds.) Russia and Europe. Building Bridges, Digging Trenches.  Ashgate (2010); What Is Political Ecology? From Practice to Theory and Strategy In: Russian in Global Affairs.  2010.  No 4. October-December. Her research interests include EU-Russian relations, legal and political approximation, energy markets and liberalization, energy security, Russian foreign policy, EU institutions and decision-making processes.