Russian-American Relations Through the Centuries: Podcast with Ivan Kurilla

International programs; Department of Political Science

Relations of two countries already count more than 200 years, on the other hand — only 2 centuries. What do we know about them if we did not study them thoroughly? Anyone would probably name a couple of things that relate to this phenomenon. However, nobody would argue that today it is in the spotlight of world agenda. Understanding the history of these countries’ relations might definitely help understand the opportunities of contemporary conflicts’ resolutions.

Dr. Ivan Kurilla, an Academic Director of International Programs of European University at St. Petersburg, talks about the brightest and the most important moments in the history of US-Russia relations since the 18th century in a recently published episode of the Texas Podcast Network. Professor explains that the United States of America and Russia are "constitutive others" that historically developed within the same political language and even experienced similar social and political upheavals and transformations.

A course on Russian-American relations is a part of EUSP international program on Russian and Eurasian studies that you may still join to already start in February. We believe that a careful, thoughtful and respectful study of history, culture and political structure of each of the parties of the prospective cooperation can lead to the fact that the relationship will move from the phase of rejection to the advantageous collaboration. And the preservation of academic interaction will allow maintaining positive and fruitful activity, which is so important for the development of international science.

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Picture: Slavxradio