Apply now and start your MA degree in February 2020

International programs

You do not need to wait until September 2020 to start your Master's degree in Russian Studies or Energy Politics. You may apply now and start a one-year intensive MA degree program in Political Science in Spring 2020 semester.  

Please select your program:


International MA in Russian and Eurasian Studies – Master’s degree program in the politics, economy, society, culture, arts, and history of Russia and neighboring Eurasian countries.

IMARES: a one-year intensive program


International MA in Energy Politics in Eurasia - Master’s degree program in energy politics in Eurasia with a specific focus on energy security, energy economics and markets, energy law, and regional energy studies (EU, Middle East, and East Asia) and current events in the energy sector.

ENERPO: a one-year intensive program


Russian language courses from beginner to advanced levels are also available as part of each program’s curriculum and can be taken for credit.