Ruscan is a database of cancer statistics in Russia. It includes information on the number of new cancer cases (incidence), cancer mortality, the number of individuals living with a cancer diagnosis (prevalence), and cancer survival in 10 Russian population-based cancer registries.      

Professional path of surgeons in Russian healthcare

Being a surgeon means going through long-term training, continuous professional development, and having a high degree of personal responsibility and professional autonomy. Researchers are exploring the barriers surgeons face during training and resources that can help build a professional trajectory.

The effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccination

The European University at St. Petersburg, Medical Institute named after Berezin Sergey and Tarusa hospital conducted two observational studies to assess the effectiveness of vaccination against symptomatic infection caused by the Delta variant in St. Petersburg.

Open seminars

Our interdisciplinary seminars are dedicated to public health. We have already conducted seminars devoted to such topics as medicalization, the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccination, and medical journalism.  

Cancer registries

Registries collect and store information about people with cancer – their demographic characteristics, the type of tumor, the type of treatment. Institute for Interdisciplinary Health Research is assessing the comparability and validity of cancer statistics in regions of the Northwestern Federal District (NWFD) of Russia.