Public Lecture "Oil & Gas Companies: Divest or Invest?"

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ENERPO Research Center; International programs
Maxim Titov

Global awareness about the potential effects of climate change on the environment has grown recently. It has caused debates about the level of responsibility of humans, enterprises, and states.

Many governments and companies have already declared commitments to net zero emissions targets in the nearest future. Economies globally will thus need to be powered by electricity, which will be primarily generated from renewable energy sources. The apparently inevitable energy transition will contain both challenges and opportunities for humans and nations all over the world.

The series of public lectures "Energy Transition: Challenges and Opportunities" is designed to discuss some of the aspects of energy transition — global responses to it and its consequences for the Russian state, society, businesses, and major energy companies.

 Lecture 3

"Oil & Gas Companies: Divest or Invest?"


Maxim Titov - Executive Director, ENERPO Research Center

Date: December 11, 2021

Time: 18:00 - 19:30 (MSK)

Venue: Vladimir Mayakovsky Public Library, 44 Fontanka River embankment

Global energy transition is increasing the level of uncertainty for investors in oil & gas worldwide. Recent price volatility is making the situation even more unpredictable. The speaker will discuss what investors expect from oil & gas companies and how the latter should respond.


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