The assassination of Alexander II and how terrorism appeared in Russia - in a new episode of the podcast "History is just beginning"

Department of History
Amiran Urushadze; Julia Safronova

As part of EUSP’s history podcasts, a new cycle dedicated to Alexander II has begun. The previous cycle was devoted to the topic of fornication in Russia. Those podcasts can be found here.

In the 1870s, a new method of political struggle appeared in the Russian Empire - terrorism. How the assassination of Alexander II became possible, what the populace of the Russian Empire thought about it, and why at the beginning of the 20th century political assassinations were called the “Russian method,” are discussed by historians Amiran Urushadze and Yulia Safronova in a new episode of the podcast “History is just beginning.”

“History is just beginning” is a scholarly and educational series by EUSP historians. We talk to scholars who are discovering the past by studying what is left of it.