Lecture by Boris Kolonitsky “Lenin as Lieu de mémoire in post-Soviet Russia”

International programs
Boris Kolonitsky

On June 1 at the EUSP Center for International Education in Yerevan (E-center), Boris Kolonitsky will give a lecture dedicated to the memory of Vladimir Lenin in modern Russia.

It is rather difficult for the people of the Soviet Union to imagine themselves without Lenin. The worship of the Bolshevik leader and the USSR founder was omnipresent. Nevertheless, has the development of this worship always corresponded to the plans of its creators? The traces of the greatest memorial project of the USSR can be seen all over the post-Soviet space, and the destruction and renaming of memorials have not always led to the destruction of the memory. What is the memory of Lenin today? Is it possible to imagine the demise of Lenin in today’s Russia? B. I. Kolonitsky, professor of the Department of History and lecturer of International Programs at the European University at St. Petersburg, will try to answer these questions.

Lecture language: English. Beginning at 18:00 Moscow time (19:00 Yerevan time). Registration.

Photo: Max Sivaslyan