ENERPO Workshop: Russian Arctic: At the Other End Of the Pipeline

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Dr. Stephan Dudeck

Platform: Zoom 

What anthropologists can tell about the inhabitants of the Russian North. In this lecture, Prof. Stephan Dudeck concentrates not only on resource extraction and potential conflict with local forms of livelihood and the cultural dimension behind it (extractivism versus reciprocity) but also on other phenomena social anthropologists study in the Russian North, like e.g. human-animal relations, forms of sociality, oral history, the history of people-state relations, changes in gender arrangements, cultural practices like the use of psychotropic substances (alcohol) or religious rituals and their change. All of that are aspects that one would not automatically associate with the well-known conflict between large corporations and indigenous peoples.


Professor Dudeck got his PhD from the University of Leipzig with a thesis on public and private spheres among the West Siberian Khanty under the impact of large-scale oil extraction. He has been working in the Russian North since the early 1990s and has also field experience in post-Soviet Central Asia. He is currently working at the Centre for Arctic Social Studies, European University at St. Petersburg, Russia, the Anthropology Research Team, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland, Finland and the Centre of Arctic and Siberian Exploration, Sociological Institute of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology, Russian Academy of Sciences. His anthropological research touches upon extractivism, human-animal relations, oral history, gender arrangements among indigenous groups in the Russian Arctic and Sub-Arctic, and visual anthropology.


The ENERPO Workshop Series hosts prominent representatives from the fields of academia, business, and politics. ENERPO program guest speakers share their knowledge and experience by touching upon a variety of topics related to Energy Politics in Eurasia. The lectures are followed by a Q&A session.


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