ENERPO Workshop: Peak Oil Demand and the COVID Shock: What Next for Russia and Eurasia?

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Nicholas Birman Trickett

Platform: Zoom 

Though few foresaw a near-term peak for oil demand prior to COVID, there were already plenty of red flags in a global macro that the oil market was in for rough times heading into 2020. The current crisis has rapidly accelerated most market players' timelines for when they think demand will peak, triggering lots of introspection, pivoting business models, and questions for oil exporters. Russia's current account, fiscal health, and business cycle historically follow the oil market, as do those in direct or indirect ways across Eurasia. COVID represents a novel shock to Russia's political economy and that across the broader region and the commodity exporters of Eurasia will have to adapt to a new market and macroeconomic realities. 


Nicholas Birman Trickett is a political risk and energy analyst focused on the political economy of energy, economics, and foreign policy in Russia and Eurasia. He holds a Master's from the IMARES program at the European University at St. Petersburg and an MSc in international political economy from the LSE. He has experience interning and working at several foreign policy think tanks—most recently the Foreign Policy Research Institute—as well as time spent working as a consultant for Wood Mackenzie. He's written regularly for outlets such as The Diplomat, Riddle, and Oil Price as well as authoring country reports on Russia for Freedom House and currently runs a newsletter (and quasi-blog) primarily covering Russia and Eurasia, the effects of the COVID shock on their politics and economies, as well as the energy transition called 'OGs and OFZs'.


The ENERPO Workshop Series hosts prominent representatives from the fields of academia, business, and politics. ENERPO program guest speakers share their knowledge and experience by touching upon a variety of topics related to Energy Politics in Eurasia. The lectures are followed by a Q&A session.


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