Conference "Manufacturing the Past"

02.11 — 04.11.2021
School of Arts and Cultural Heritage

2–4 November the international conference "Manufacturing the Past" will take place at the European University at St. Petersburg. It focuses on the reflection of the past in the visual arts, how the visual arts and visual culture produce images of the past, how these images were perceived by different communities and how they were transformed by the national context of their production.

This event follows up on the international conference “History and Its Images”, held in 2018 and organized by the Department of Art History of the European University at St. Petersburg. That conference marked the 25th anniversary of the publication of Francis Haskell’s seminal book of the same title, which greatly influenced — and continues to influence — the study of the visualization of the past.

If the government announces lockdown, the all events of the conference will be online. But, that for now we hope to see people in person.

You can find conference program here.

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Изображение:  Jan Vermeer. The Art of Painting. Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna / Wikimedia Commons