March 2014 (Vol. 2, Iss. 5)

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ENERPO Journal Cover March 2013

This issue, which marks the ENERPO Journal's one year birthday, features pieces from five of our students on the following topics: the future of Naftogas (Ukraine's state energy company), the likelihood of a Chinese shale-gas revolution, the integration of power systems in the Black Sea region, the role of oil in Venezuela's current protests, and the effect of the Ukrainian crisis on Russian energy companies.






Table of Contents

  • Naftogas Ukrainiy: Its Future Prospects and Dilemmas

Anna Bartkiv

  • Unconventional Wisdom: Is China Preparing for a Shale-Gas Revolution?

Ryan McKinley

  • Geopolitics and Power Systems' Integration in the Black Sea Region

Daniel Tappeiner

  • Oil and Unrest in Venezuela after the Death of Hugo Chavez

Katherine Bennett

  •  How the Ukrainian Crisis Impacts Russia's Energy Companies

Koen van Delft