February 2014 (Vol. 2, Iss. 4)

International programs

ENERPO Journal Cover February 2014

This issue covers the following topics: Gazprom's opportunity to profit from failing European power plants, the truth behind the PEMEX privatization process, and a comparative study of the rationales between the pricing policies of Gazprom and Statoil.  Renowned Russian energy expert Tatiana Mitrova is featured in this month's Workshop Review section. 






Table of Contents

  • Gazprom Should Invest in Western European Power Plants

Bram Onck

  • Privatization of PEMEX and What's Actually Changing in Mexico's Oil Industry

Stephanie Bryant

  • Natural Gas Pricing Strategies for Europe's Two Biggest Suppliers - Gazprom and Statoil

Max Hoyt

Workshop Review

  • Tatiana Mitrova - Russian Gas Export Strategy

Nicholas Watt and Maurizio Recordati