Completeness of regional cancer registry data in Northwest Russia 2008-2017

Institute for Interdisciplinary Health Research (IIHR)
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Anton Barchuk, Rustam Tursun-zade, Ekaterina Nazarova, Yuri Komarov, Ekaterina Tyurina, Yulia Tumanova, Alexey Belyaev, Ariana Znaor

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Data comparability and validity analyses found substantial differences across ten population-based cancer registries (PBCRs)in Northwest Russia, and only four out of ten met international standards. This study aimed to assess the completeness of the PBCR data of those registries. Eight out of ten regional PBCRs in Northwest Russia collected data with an acceptable degree of completeness. Mostly populated St. Petersburg and Leningrad oblast did not reach such completeness. PBCR data from several regions in Northwest Russia are suitable for epidemiological research and monitoring cancer control activities.