Lavrova, Svetlana

Executive Director of the EUSP Russian Endowment Fund, Advisor to the Rector on Financial Issues

In 1996 graduated with honors from the Department of Philology, Lipetsk State Pedagogical Institute, and practically at the same time graduated with honors from the Department of Economics, St. Petersburg State University. 

Before coming to EUSP worked as a Financial Director in a large Russian IT firm.  Has experience in retail and development business, as well as managing venture projects.  As Financial Director of EUSP is responsible for budget planning and controlling, as well as managing strategic projects and grants.

In May of 2007 registered the first-ever, in St. Petersburg, and the second in the country of Russia, Endowment Foundation.  Has authored several articles on the subject; often is asked to perform consulting services, as an expert in the field.