Department of Economics
Evgenii Vladimirov

Evgenii Vladimirov, second-year student at the EUSP Department of Economics, was admitted with a full scholarship to the MPhil in Economics program at Tinbergen Institute.

The Research Master (MPhil) program is a core part of the PhD track at TI.

Tinbergen Institute is named after Professor Jan Tinbergen, the Dutch Nobel Prize laureate in Economics (1969). It offers research in economics, econometrics and finance. TI is the graduate school and research institute operated jointly by the Schools of Economics and Econometrics of the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), University of Amsterdam (UvA) and VU University Amsterdam (VU). All three universities are ranked among the best economics schools in Europe.

For example, in the Tilburg Economics Ranking the 3 universities are among the Top 40 schools: https://econtop.uvt.nl/rankinglist.php

The schools are also listed in the European Economics Departments rankings: https://ideas.repec.org/top/top.eurecondept.html

Visit the TI website: http://www.tinbergen.nl/