Do Not Offend the Flies

Wed, 04/29/2020 - 20:44..
Department of Sociology
Timofeeva Oxana
Media Publications; EUSP chronicles the pandemic

What do we know about the virus — is it a living or non-living organism? What methods do we use in order not to get infected (besides forced self-isolation)? Why we do not blame ourselves for the spread of the virus, but animals — bats, rats, marmots, snakes, pangolins? And what is important to understand in order not to be in a state of “bare life”?

Oksana Timofeeva, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the European University, reflects on these and other issues in an essay written after a trip to Europe (before the borders were closed) and published on the Identities Journal.

Photo: Atlas d'Histoire Naturelle