Oxana Timofeeva

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Philosophy
Academic degree:
Candidate of Sciences in Philosophy


Academic paper/Article


  • 2020 Родина. М.: Сигма, 2020.
  • 2020 How to Love a Homeland. Kayfa ta, 2020 (in English and Arabic)
  • 2012 Тимофеева (2012): History of Animals: An Essay on Negativity, Immanence and Freedom (Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht)
  • 2009 Тимофеева (2009): Введение в эротическую философию Жоржа Батая. М.: Новое литературное обзрение.

Popular Science Articles/Papers

Chapter in a Collective Monograph

  • 2020 Timofeeva O. Spirituality Beyond Man: Toward a Labor Theory of the Soul. In: Anjan Chakrabarti, Anup Dhar and Serap A. Kayatekin (Eds.). Marx, Marxism, and the Spiritual. Routledge, 2020.
  • 2018 Timofeeva O. Zombie // Posthuman Glossary / ed. by Rosi Braidotti & Maria Hlavajova . London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2018. P. 467–469.
  • 2018 Тимофеева О. Черная материя // Опыты нечеловеческого гстеприимства: Антология, под ред. М. Крамараи К. Саркисова. М: V-A-C Press, 2018. С. 399-412.
  • 2018 Timofeeva O. “‘We’ and “They”: Animals Behind Our Back’ // Inheritance in Psychoanalysis, ed. By Joel Golbach & James A. Godley, Albany: State University of New York Press, 2018. P. 175-195. http://www.sunypress.edu/p-6484-inheritance-in-psychoanalysis.aspx
  • 2018 Timofeeva O. Animals // Posthuman Glossary. London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2018. P. 34–35. (Web of Science)
  • 2017 Timofeeva O. ‘The only real outlaws’: Animal Freedom in Bataille' // Georges Bataille and Contemporary Thought. London: Bloomsbury, 2017, p. 155-1
  • 2017 Timofeeva O. ‘Ultra Black’ // Cosmic Shift: Russian Contemporary Art Writing, London: Zed Books, 2017, p. 399-412.
  • 2015 Timofeeva O. ‘Zizek, Derrida and Other Animals’ // Repeating Zizek (ed. Agon Hamza), Duke University Press, 2015, 100-112.

Academic Commentaries