Clean energy in Russia, potential and challenges

International programs; ENERPO Research Center
Maxim Titov

Venue: Golitsyn Hall in the Golitsyn Loft (20, Fontanka river embankment, St. Petersburg)

During the month of March 2019, the ENERPO Research Center at the European University of St. Petersburg organizes a Series of Open Lectures — "THE MONTH OF ENERGY". 

The lecture on March 13, 2019 will expose the challenges of “green” economy thinking in Russia and will answer to the questions of whether it is possible to achieve clean energy in Russia, what is the potential for renewable energies, what is the government’s climate strategy planning especially for the energy sector up to date.

Maxim Titov, Director of the ENERPO Research Center, EUSP.  

International students and young professionals (but not only!) are welcome to join a series of open lectures on the theme of Energies in Russia: each Wednesday during the month of March, a key speaker will give you an interactive lecture and tell more about energy politics in Russia and Eurasia. Since climate takes growing importance in our everyday lives, we decided to dedicate two lectures to the issues of sustainable development in Russia, renewable energy and green economy. You would be surprised to learn how much potential there is in the country, and to realize how political this topic can be!   

Special plus: Energy is a fun and trendy topic, and because we want these lectures to be as interesting as possible, after each lecture there will be time for discussion and networking. Our (very nice) team will be present and ready to chat with you or answer your questions relative to the content of the lectures, the school, etc. Snacks will also be waiting for you!


By attending at least 2 lectures of the Month of Energy, you will receive a Certificate of “Participation in the interactive course: current challenges of Russian energy politics”. 

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