CESIS project receives funding from the Russian Science Foundation

Center for Arctic Social Studies
Elena Liarskaya; Kirill Istomin; Nikolai Vakhtin

The project director is Nikolai Vakhtin. The participants are all employees of CESIS, the main researchers are Kirill Istomin and Elena Lyarskaya.

The project is designed for three years (2022–2024). The purpose of the project is to study the role of uncertainty in various aspects of life of the population of the Arctic regions. Key questions to be addressed are: what is the role of natural and social uncertainty in various life situations of the permanent population of the Arctic? What strategies does the population employ when acting in conditions of uncertainty? What is the role of the various social actors in overcoming the negative consequences of natural and social uncertainties? How are social connections and networks involved in dealing with situations of uncertainty?

Congratulations to the CESIS (EUSP Center for Arctic Social Studies) staff.