Complete lists of publications are available on the individual profile pages of the CESIS staff.

Select publications of the center include:

Special issue of Sibirica: Interdisciplinary Journal of Siberian Studies. 2017. Vol .3. No 3: Mobility and Infrastructure, based on the results of the project “Children of the 90s in Contemporary Russian Arctic” .

The issue includes the following contributions by CESIS researchers:

Nikolai Vakhtin. Introduction: Mobility and Infrastructure in the Russian Arctic: Das Sein bestimmt das Bewusstsein? [Pp. 1–13] (PDF)

Ksenia Gavrilova. Temporal Dimension of Attitudes toward Infrastructure and Opportunities for Relocation from the Northern Town: The Case of Kamchatka Krai [Pp. 35–56] (PDF)

Alla Bolotova, Anastassia Karaseva and Valeria Vasilyeva. Mobility and Sense of Place among Youth in the Russian Arctic [Pp. 77–124] (PDF)

Elena Liarskaya. “Where Do You Get Fish?”: Practices of Individual Supplies in Yamal as an Indicator of Social Processes [Pp. 125–149] (PDF)


As well as articles of our colleagues from other research centers:

Vladimir Davydov (Kunstkamera) Pragmatic Use of Infrastructure and Reflexive Mobility of Evenki and Dolgan Hunters, Reindeer Herders, and Fishers [Pp. 14–34]

Nadezhda Zamiatina (Moscow State University). Migration Destination Choice as a Criterion of Self-Identification The Case of Young People Leaving Norilsk and Dudinka [Pp. 57–76]