ENERPO at a Conference on European Inter-regionalism in Ekaterinburg, Russia

ENERPO Research Center

Irina Mironova, research fellow of the ENERPO Research Center, participated in an international scientific conference ‘European Inter-regionalism and Big Eurasia: Theory and Practice of Regional Integration’ (April 20-21, 2018, Ekaterinburg, Russia). The conference was organized by the Chair of theory and history of international relations, Humanitarian institute of the Urals Federal University. The conference looked at [сопряжение] of the Russian project of Big Eurasia and European and Asian integration projetcs in the current crisis of global governance and fragmentation of world order; as well as theoretical approaches to the analysis of global and regional processes.

Irina Mironova has participated in this conference with a report titled ‘Regional gas market integration: comparative analysis of dynamics in European and Asian natural gas markets’. In this report, Irina presented the model of regional gas market integration. The model is used to perform comparative analysis of the dynamics in European and East Asian regional gas markets. It is often expected that East Asian gas market will follow the integration path of the European Union. The characteristic features of the EU gas market include the formation of single trading area with common «rules of the game»; exchange-based trade development; declining use of oil-indexed pricing; prices correlation within the region. The report looks at the main preconditions for market integration in the EU and compares those to existing pre-conditions (as well as inhibiting factors) in East Asia.