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The Annual Conference on Classical Republicanism was conceived, unlike many similar international conferences (including the regular Biennale on Republicanism Studies in Venice), as a forum for Russian-speaking researchers dealing with this issue. Considering that classical republicanism, as applied to topics in Russian history and politics, is most often of interest to Russians themselves, the conference is dedicated to collecting and discussing the latest works in these two areasthe theory and history of republicanism.

Project News

The Seventh All-Russian Academic Conference “Republicanism: Theory, History and Modern Practices”

On December 15-16, 2023, EUSP hosted its annual all-Russian conference “Republicanism: Theory, History and Modern Practices”, organized by the Res Publica research center. This year, under the title “The Social  and the Public as Political Forms: The Struggle of Traditions and Future Scenarios,” the participants discussed not only specific issues related to “society” and the “public,” but also various topics, “traditional” for this regular EUSP conference.