Program of Exhibitions and Publications for the Centennial of Artist and Art Historian David Goberma

Центр «Петербургская иудаика»
Project start date:
  • Sketches of Moldovan Souvenir Rugs, an exhibition at the Petersburg Jewish Community Center (ul. Rubinshteina, 3), January 27– February 15, 2012
  • Exhibition of colored pencil drawings, Petersburg Judaica Center exhibition hall, May 15–June 15, 2012
  • Presentation of the book “Paper Bridges,” illustrated by David Goberman, May 2012, EUSP
  • Exhibition of paintings dedicated to Islamic architecture, State Museum of the History of Religion, September 2012
  • Exhibition of Goberman’s photographs of decorated Jewish gravestones, ROSFOTO, December 2012
  • Concluding exhibition of Goberman’s paintings and graphic works at the State Museum of the History of the City, November 19–December 16, 2012
Nadgrobie s drujba s Exhibition opening

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