Sexual and Reproductive Practices in Russia: Freedom and Responsibility

Программа «Гендерные исследования»
Project start date:

Project was supported by the Ford Foundation
Project period: March-December, 2005

Description and analysis of practices in the spheres of sexuality and sexual and reproductive behavior and health.
Analysis of age and generational differences in the spheres of sexuality and reproductive practices (isolating age groups with different experiences).
Development of changes and differences in the space of sexual and reproductive behavior with respect to the Soviet and early post-Soviet periods.
This project is linked with the study of sexuality in Saint Petersburg conducted with the support of the Finnish Academy of Sciences in 1994-1996, and with the project “New Way of Life: Forms of Family Organization and Changes in the Private Sphere”

Project leader - Anna Temkina

Scientific consultant - Elena Zdravomyslova

Coordinator - Nadezhda Nartova


Research group:

Evgeniia Angelova

Anastasiia Beganovich

Anastasiia Panarina

Yuliia Moiseeva

Anastasiia Zolotova

Boris Gladarev

Zhanna Tsinman

Larissa Shpakovskaia

Olga Tkach

Olga Brednikova

Olga Gurova

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