Project “A New Way of Life”

Программа «Гендерные исследования»
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The research project is dedicated to the study of the new forms of family organization adopted in contemporary Russian society. The carriers of “A New Way of Life” are the representatives of the new middle class, who through organizing their way of life through hired labor and professionals created a “new poor.” Researchers focus on the forms of family organization and changes in the domestic space, which occur in the process of the establishing “a new way of life.”
The study focuses on the forms of the organization of family life, lifestyles, including the patterns of reproductive behavior. The thematics of the project overlap with the study “Sexual and Reproductive Practitioners in Russia: freedom and responsibility (St. Petersburg, start of the 21st century)” conducted by the Gender Studies program.

The project is sponsored by the colleagues of the Gender studies program, graduates and graduate students of the European University in Saint Petersburg.


Leader _ Elena Zdravomyslova

Coordinator - Zhanna Chernova

Research group

Tat'iana Andreeva

Elena Bogdanova

Anastasiia Zolotova

Dar'ia Odintsova

Nadezhda Nartova

Olga Tkach

Olga Chepurnaiia

Larissa Shpakovskaia

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