Clean Energy Forum
ENERPO Research Center
Project start date:

The Forum gathered representatives of business, state, and non-commercial organizations, as well as academia, to discuss the transition to clean energy, Russian position and role in the international energy politics, corporate and state climate strategies, as well as climate risks management.

The Clean Energy Forum has been established in 2015. When we prepare the agenda for the forum, our intention is to create a platform for a dialogue between energy companies, academia, expert community, non profit organizations, and the government.

In 2017 and 2018, we discussed energy transition, decarbonisation and climate strategies. This year we would like to focus on success stories of municipalities and companies. We would like to discuss how to communicate and replicate successful practices — and how to make these practices known and more widely applied in Russia.

The Forum is supported by the Russian Renewable Energy Development Association, the Climate partnership of Russia, leading international consulting companies, as well as Russian energy companies.