Elena Zdravomyslova

Professor, Department of Sociology, Co-Director of the Gender Studies Program
Academic degree:
Candidate of Sciences in Sociology

Research interests: modes of gender in post-Soviet society, women’s social activism, care and emotional work from a feminist perspective, reproductive health (institutions and practices)


Courses Taught:

  • Qualitative Methods in Sociological Research
  • Theory of Social Inequality
  • Contemporary Research on Gender Relations in Russia



  • Has held research positions at UC Berkeley (California), the New School for Social Research (New York), the Collegium for Advanced Studies (Helsinki), the Alexanteri Institute (Helsinki), and the Central European University (Budapest). The book “Paradigmy sotsiologii obshchestvennykh dvizhenii” [Sociological paradigms of social movements], based on research conducted in Berkeley and New York, was defended as a candidate’s dissertation at the Sociological Institute (RAS) in 1993.
  • Presented as a guest lecturer in Moscow, Samara, Vilnius, Helsinki, Tampere, Joensuu, Vienna, Magdeburg, and others.
  • Participation in professional organizations: member of the executive committee of the International Sociological Association (2010-2014, 2002-2006) and the European Sociological Association (2002-2004); board member of the St. Petersburg Association of Sociologists. Editorial board member for Current Sociology, NORA, Sociology, and Laboratorium.
  • Co-manager of the following major research projects: “Gendernoe ustroistvo chastnoi zhizni v sovremennoi Rossii” [The gender construction of private life in contemporary Russia] (Ford Foundation, 2008-2011), “Bezopasnost’, seksual’noe i reproduktivnoe zdorov’e” [Safety, sexual and reproductive health] (Carnegie Foundation, 2005-2007), “Novyi byt: formy semeinoi organizatsii i izmeneniia domashnego prostranstva” [New lifestyle: forms of familial organization and changes in domestic space] (Finnish Academy of Sciences, 2004-2006), “Seksual’nye i reproduktivnye praktiki v Rossii: svoboda i otvetstvennost’” [Sexual and reproductive practices in Russia: freedom and responsibility] (Ford Foundation, 2004-2005).
  • Received grants from the Ford Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation, the Böll Foundation, the Central European University, the Finnish Academy of Sciences, and others.
  • Author of academic and popular articles for the general public on various websites (genderpage, polit.ru, chaskor), as well as in the books “Gender dlya chainikov” [Gender for teapots] and “Gender dlya chainikov 2” [Gender for teapots 2].
  • Author of various articles in the following academic journals: Zhurnal issledovanii sotsial’noi politiki, Gendernye issledovaniia, Ab Imperio, Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie, Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniia, Sotsiologicheskii zhurnal, Anthropology of East Europe Review, Demokratizatsiya, International Sociology, Current Sociology, European Journal of Women’s Studies, Social Research, Studies in East European Thought, and others.
  • Academic editor and chapter author in the following books: “Zdorov’e i doverie” [Health and confidence] (2009), “Novyi byt v covremennoi Rossii: gendernye issledovaniia posednevnosti” [New lifestyle in contemporary Russia: everyday gender studies] (2009), “Zdorov’e i intimnaia zhizn’. Sotsiologicheskie podkhody” [Health and intimate life. Sociological approaches] (2012), “Praktiki i identichnosti: gendernoe ustroistvo” [Practices and identities: gender construction] (2010), “Rossiiskii gendernyi poriadok: sotsiologicheskii podkhod” [Russian gender order: a sociological approach] (2007), “V poiskakh seksual’nosti” [In search of sexuality] (2002), “Biographical Research in Eastern Europe” (2002).


More broadly, it demonstrates the vitality of gender research underway in Saint Petersburg and reflects a high level of engagement with, and contribution to, sociological conversations underway in the United States and elsewhere in the world. One hopes that this work will soon be published in translation, so that a wider swath of international interlocutors will speak back and the conversation will continue” (Jennifer Patico, excerpt from review of “Novyi byt v covremennoi Rossii:   gendernye issledovaniia posednevnosti)


From Prof. Zdravomyslova:
 “Work in a new type of academic establishment, and in a research field whose very position has yet to be determined—these are the challenges to which I reply, together with colleagues from a new generation of sociologists


Recent Publications:
In Russian:

  • 2012 Kak rasporiadit’sia “materinskim kapitalom” ili grazhdane v semeinoi politike. [How to arrange “maternity capital” or citizens in family politics] SOTsIS No. 7 (co-authored with A. Temkina).
  • 2011 Doveritel’noe sotrudnichestvo vo vzaimodeistvii vracha i patsientki: vzgliad akushera-ginekologa [Trustful cooperation in the doctor-patient interaction: the gaze of the obstetrician-gynecologist]. (co-authored with A. Temkina) In: Zdorov’e i intimnaia zhizn’, ed. E. Zdramyslova and A. Temkina, SPb: Izdatel’stvo EUSPb, pp. 23-53.
  • 2011 O znachenii pozdesovetskoi feministiskoi kritiki (dialog so Svetlanoi Yaroshenko) [On the significance of late-Soviet feminist criticism (dialogue with Svetlana Yaroshenko)]. In: Zhenskii proekt. Metamorfozy dissidentskogo feminizma vo vzgliadakh molodogo pokoleniia Rossii i Avstrii. M: Aleteiia. pp 42-53.
  • 2010 Kul’turnyi andegraund 1970kh godov [The cultural underground of the 1970s]. In: Raznomyslie v SSSR i Rossii (1945-2008). Ed. B.M. Firsov, SPb: Izdatel’stvo EUSPb. pp 131-158.
  • 2009 Politika identichnosti pravozashchitnoi organizatsii “Soldatskie materi Sankt-Peterburga” [Identity politics in the human rights organization “Soldiers’ mothers of St. Petersburg”]. In: Obshchestvennie dvizheniia v Rossii. Ed. P. Romanov and E. Yarskaia-Smirnova. M.: OOO Variant TsSPGI.
  • 2009 Gendernoe grazhdanstvo i abortnaia kul’tura [Gender citizenship and abortion culture]. In: Zdorov’e i doverie. Ed. E. Zdramyslova and A. Temkina, SPb: Izdatel’stvo EUSPb, pp. 108-135.
  • 2009 Vvedenie. Sozdanie privatnosti kak sfery zaboty, liubvi i naemnogo truda [Introduction. The creation of privacy as a sphere in care, love, and wage labor]. (co-authored with A. Temkina and A. Rotkirkh) In: Novyi byt v covremennoi Rossii: gendernye issledovaniia posednevnosti. ed. E. Zdramyslova and A. Temkina, SPb: Izdatel’stvo EUSPb. pp 7-30.
  • 2009 Niani: kommertsializatsiia zaboty [Nannies: the commercialization of care]. In: Novyi byt v covremennoi Rossii: gendernye issledovaniia posednevnosti. ed. E. Zdramyslova and A. Temkina, SPb: Izdatel’stvo EUSPb. pp 94-136.
  • 2009 Leningradskii Saigon – prostranstvo negativnoi svobody. [Leningrad Saigon: a space of negative freedom]. NLO, N100.
  • 2007 Niani v usloviakh izmeneniia gendernogo kontrakta: kommertsializatsiia i professionalizatsiia zaboty [Nannies during changes in the gender contract: the commercialization and professionalization of care]. In: Sotsial’naia politika v sovremennoi Rossii: reformy i povsednevnosti. Ed. P. Romanov and E. Yarskaia-Smirnova. M.: OOO Variant TsSPGI.


In English:

  • 2012 Making and managing class: employment of paid domestic workers in Russia. In: Rethinking class in Russia. Ed. by Suvi Salmenniemi. Farnham: Ashagate, (co-author Anna Rotkirch, Olga Tkach).
  • 2010 'What is Russian Sociological Tradition? Debates аmong Russian Sociologists'. In: The ISA Handbook of Diverse Sociological Traditions. Ed. by S. Patel. Sage. Pp.140-151.
  • 2010 Working Mothers and Nannies: Commercialization of Childcare and Modifications in the Gender Contract. Anthropology of East Europe Review 28(2): 200-225.
  • 2008 'Make way for professional sociology!' Public sociology in the Russian context. Current Sociology 56(3): 405-414.
  • 2008 Women and citizenship in Central and Eastern Europe. International Sociology 23(5): 706-710.
  • 2008 Patients in Contemporary Russian Reproductive Health Care Institutions: Strategies of Establishing Trust. Demokratizatsiya 3(3): 277-293 (co-author A.Temkina).
  • 2007 Who Helps the Degraded Housewife? Comments on Vladimir Putin's Demographic Speech. European Journal of Women's Studies 14: 349-357 (co-author Anna Rotkirch, Anna Temkina).
  • 2007 Soldiers' Mothers Fighting the Military Patriarchy In: Gender Orders Unbound? Ed. by I.Lenz, Ch.Ullrich and B.Fersch. Barbara Budrich Publishers, Oplanden&Farmington Hills. Pp.207-228.