Temkina, Anna

Professor of Sociology of Public Health and Gender, Co-coordinator, Gender Studies Program
Academic degree:
Ph.D. in Sociology (University of Helsinki)

Courses Taught:

  • Sociology of Health and Medicine
  • Feminist Theory
  • Social Theory from Gender Perspective
  • Qualitative Methods in Sociological Research



  • Defended her dissertation, “Russia in Transition: the Case of New Collective Actors and New Collective Actions,” at the University of Helsinki in 1997.
  • Guest lecturer in Minsk and Vilnius (European Humanities University), Tampere (University of Tampere), Helsinki (Helsinki University), an dJoensuu (University of Joensuu).
  • Co-director of the following major research projects: “Gendernoe ustroistvo chastnoi zhizni v sovremennoi Rossii” [Gender construction in private life in contemporary Russia] (Ford Foundation, 2008-2012), “Bezopasnost’, seksual’noe i reproduktivnoe zdorov’e” [Safety, sexual and reproductive health] (Carnegie Foundation, 2005-2007), “Novyi byt: formy semeinoi organizatsii i izmeneniia domashnego prostranstva” [New lifestyle: forms of familial organization and changes in domestic space] (Finnish Academy of Science, 2004-2006), “Seksual’nye i reproduktivnye praktiki v Rossii: svoboda i otvetstvennost’” [Sexual and reproductive practices in Russia: freedom and responsibility] (Ford Foundation, 2004-2005).
  • Recipient of grants from the following institutions: the Ford Foundation, Carnegie Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Novartis, the Open Society Institute’s IHRD program, and others.
  • Received a Named Professorship in the Sociology of Public Health and Gender from Novartis in 2009, which since 2012 has been a tenured chair.
  • Academic advisor of over 30 successful masters’ dissertations and 2 candidates’ dissertations.
  • Author of popular academic articles for the general public on internet resources including genderpage, polit.ru, chaskor, as well as in the books “Gender dlya chainikov” and “Gender dlya chainikov 2” (Gender for Teapots, 1 & 2).
  • Author of academic articles in the following journals: Gendernye issledovaniia, Sotsiologicheskii zhurnal, Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniia, Laboratorium, Demokratizatisiya, Ab Imperio, Zhurnal issledovanii sotsial’noi politiki, EJWS, Anthropology & Archeology of Eurasia, and others.
  • Academic editor and chapter author in the following books: “Zdorov’e i doverie” [Health and confidence] (2009), “Novyi byt v covremennoi Rossii: gendernye issledovaniia posednevnosti” [New lifestyle in contemporary Russia: everyday gender studies] (2009), “Zdorov’e i intimnaia zhizn’. Sotsiologicheskie podkhody” [Health and intimate life. Sociological approaches] (2012), Praktiki i identichnosti: gendernoe ustroistvo” [Practices and identities: gender construction] (2010), “Rossiiskii gendernyi poriadok: sotsiologicheskii podkhod” [Russian gender order: a sociological approach] (2007), “V poiskakh seksual’nosti” [In search of sexuality] (2002). Author of “Seksual’naia zhizn’ zhenshchiny: mezhdu podchineniem i svobodoi” [The sexual life of a woman: between obedience and freedom] (2008).


“The fact that the book leaves so many questions unanswered is a merit than a limitation, as Temkina's insightful and comprehensive analysis opens up new directions for future research. The monograph is highly recommended to all scholars with an interest in sexuality and gender in former Soviet Union.”
            -- Francesca Stella, University of Glasgow, Slavic Review


“This is the most methodologically excellent book about the problems of sexuality ever released in Russia. After reading it, you will understand how much richer the sociological approach is than traditional sexual pathology. The book is well-designed and should be of interest to all. All future work on this topic is indebted to this book. You will not regret buying it.”
            -- I. S. Kon, review of “In search of sexuality”


  • Author of English-language articles in books published by Routledge, Manchester University Press, Ashgate, and Palgrave.
  • Academic interests: gender relations in post-Sovet society, sexuality studies, sociology of health and everyday life.


From an interview with Vokrug Sveta:

“What, after all, is capital? It is something that brings added value. Maternity capital does not bring added value to the mother, though, even symbolically. It brings additional symbolic value to the state, rather than to the family. And it turns out that many social policies have these vague, contradictory effects. What we are doing is looking at how the words relate to the practice, and to look through a gender lens is often to look most clearly of all.”

Selected Publications:

In English:

  • 2014 Gender's crooked path: Feminism confronts Russian patriarchy. Current Sociology 62(1) (coauth Elena Zdravomyslova)
  • 2012 The Gender Question in Contemporary Russia. Global dialogue 3 (1)
  • 2012 Sexual Therapy in Russia: Pleasure and Gender in a New Professional Field. In The Cultural Context of Sexual Pleasure and Problems: Psychotherapy with diverse clients, ed. Kathryn Hall & Cynthia Graham. Routledge, p. 228-240 (coauth with Anna Rotkirch and Elina Haavio-Mannila).
  • 2011 Everyday live romantic discourse in Russia: Stability for women and status for men. In Love in our Time - A question for feminism, Ed. by S. Strid and A. Jonasdottir. GEXcek Work in progress Report, Volume 9, Orebro: 79-85.
  • 2010 The Father Who Participates in Childbirth. Gender Partnership or Situation Control? Anthropology & Archeology of Eurasia, Vol. 49 (2), p. 9-43 (coauth with E. Angelova).
  • 2010 Childbearing and Work-Family Balance among contemporary Russian women. Finish yearbook of Population Research, XLV, p. 83-103.
  • 2008 Patients in Contemporary Russian Reproductive Health Care Institutions. Strategies of Establishing Trust.  Democratizatiya, V 3, N 3, p.277-293 (coauth with E.Zdravomyslova).
  • 2007 Who Helps the Degraded Housewives? European Journal of Women Studies, V.14, p. 349-357 (coauth with E.Zdravomyslovaand A.Rotkirch).
  • 2005 Gendered Citizenship in Soviet and Post-Soviet societies, in: V.Tolz, S.Booth (eds.) Gender and Nation in Contemporary Europe. Manchester: Manchester. University Press, 96-115 (coauth Elena Zdravomyslova).
  • 2003 Gender studies in post-Soviet society: Western frames and cultural differences. Studies in East European Thought, V.55 (1), p.51-61. (coauth with E.Zdravomyslova).
  • 2001 Gender study and civic culture in contemporary Russia. Education and Civic Culture in Post-Communist Countries. S. Webber and I. Liikanen: 142-150.