Polterovich Victor M.

Professor Emeritus, New Economic School, Moscow (Russia)

Head of Laboratory, Central Economics and Mathematics Institute (CEMI)Russian Academy of Sciences.

Deputy Director, Professor, Moscow School of Economics, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSE MSU).

Professor Emeritus, New Economic School (NES), Moscow.


Previous and Present Positions:

  • Engineer, Junior, Senior Scientific Research Fellow, Institute of Automation of Oil and Gas Industry, Moscow, 1962–1966;
  • Senior, Leading Scientific Research Fellow, Head of Laboratory of Mathematical Economics, CEMI, Moscow, 1966–1991, 1991–present;
  • Visiting Professor, The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, fall of 1991;
  • Professor, New Economic School, Moscow, 1993–present,
  • Professor, Moscow State University, 1994–2004.



  • Diploma (Engineering), Moscow Oil and Gas Institute,1962;
  • Diploma (Mathematics), Moscow State University, 1966;
  • Candidate of Science (Mathematics), CEMI, 1971;
  • Doctor of Science (Economics), CEMI, 1991.


Research Interests: Theory of Economic Reforms, Institutional Economics, Economic Dynamics