Vladimir Berelowitch

Professor, EHESS (Paris), University of Geneva

Historian, Slavist, and professor at the Paris School for Advanced Studies (EHESS) in the Social Sciences, as well as at the University of Geneva (Switzerland).

His research interests include socio-cultural history, intellectual history, and the history of education and upbringing in Russia in the 18th-20th centuries.

Dr. Berelowitch is the author of many books and articles, such as “Sovetizatsiya russkoi shkoly, 1917–1931 [The Sovietization of the Russian School, 1917–1931],” “Rossiya–SSSR, 1914–1991, peremeny vo vzglyadakh [Russia–USSR, 1914–1991: Changes in Attitudes],” “Istoriya Sankt-Peterburga [The History of St. Petersburg]” (co-authored with Olga Medvedkova), and “Velikij russkij vek: ot Aleksandra I do Nikolaya II [The Great Russian Century: From Alexander I to Nikolai II]” as well as translations — in particular, texts by Alexander Zinov'ev,  Isaac Babel, Vladimir Mayakovskii, and Joseph Brodksii.

He is on the editorial board of the magazine “Cahiers du monde russe”.