The Collective Monograph "The Future of the State. Philosophy and Politics" Edited by Artemy Magun Is Published

«Stasis» Center for Practical Philosophy

Rowman & Littlefield International has published a collective monograph “The Future of the State. Philosophy and Politics” edited by Artemy Magun, director of the EUSP “Stasis” Center for Practical Philosophy. The book is devoted to the development of a positive concept of the state from the leftist political theory point of view. The introduction and the chapter prepared by Artemy Magun propose a dialectical theory of the state, other chapters discuss the categorical apparatus of philosophical reflections on the state, the inevitability of constitutional law, an ambivalent attitude towards the state in neoliberalism, etc. Among the authors of the book are EUSP student Maria Kochkina and EUSP graduate Olga Bashkina.