PRESIDENTIAL GRANT: Interactive Learning Platform of the Russian Arctic

Center for Science and Technology Studies (STS Center)

On November 22, 2017 the Coordinating Committee of the Russian Presidential grants contest in support of civil society development has announced the results of the second contest campaign of 2017.

A joint proposal of three EUSP research centers (Center for Science and Technology Studies (STS Center), Center for Arctic Social Studies, and ENERPO Research Center) was awarded a Presidential grant of 3,902,806 Rubles for the implementation of the project "Interactive Learning Platform of the Russian Arctic: People and Infrastructure".

The project is aimed at drawing attention to the human capital and infrastructure of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation to popularize the Arctic as a living environment. Current media images of the Arctic are usually not related to technology. Most often, this region is associated with untouched nature and unique fauna. It is depicted as an area without people and with a harsh climate in which only heroes can survive.

This project is aimed at changing such representations. It suggests telling about a different Arctic - the Arctic as a territory of life. By analyzing and visualizing GIS and statistical data, they plan to collect analytical data and develop training materials about the region.

The project will develop a learning platform (web-site) of the Arctic that will include:

1) Interactive map of the Russian Arctic, which will reflect the infrastructure and social characteristics of the region (length of roads, utilities, etc.);

2) Infographics of the Russian Arctic (data on life in the region, available and comprehensible for a wide audience);

3) Animation video "Live one day in the Arctic" showing the daily lives of people and their surrounding infrastructure;

4) Presentation brochure "People and infrastructure of the Russian Arctic" introducing the region to the general public;

5) Methodological recommendations on the use of project materials for conducting an "Arctic lesson" for children and youth.

Congratulations to our colleagues Olga Bychkova, Nikolai Vakhtin, and Nikita Lomagin on receiving state support enabling them to conduct a new research project.

More about the project: Interactive Learning Platform of the Russian Arctic: People and Infrastructure

More details on the contest available here in Russian

: Nikolai Gernet - Sopstveno delo,
Iceberg at Franz-Josef Land Reserve, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia
 CC BY-SA 4.0