International programs
Prof. Nikita Lomagin

Venue: Golitsyn Hall in the Golitsyn Loft (20, Fontanka River emb.)

The second open lecture of the IMARES Month of Global Affairs by Prof. Nikita Lomagin will be on EU-Russia relations.

The lecture aims to explain the reasons why the huge potential for mutually beneficial EU-Russia cooperation in different issue areas did not result in building a true partnership. Moreover, the conflict over Ukraine brought the relationship to a historic nadir. What can be done to overcome the ongoing crises and diplomatic stagnation?

International students, young professionals, and expats are welcome to join a series of open lectures on Russia’s foreign and domestic affairs: for three consequent Wednesdays at 18:30 during the month of April, our speakers will deliver interactive lectures about relations between Russia, the USA, and Europe. Foreign affairs and domestic politics may often be mutually influential. Therefore, our lecturers will also talk on matters such as nationalism and the perceptions of Self vs. the Other.

The open lectures will take place in the city center. 

Please register for each lecture you plan to attend. By attending at least 2 lectures, you will receive a special Certificate. The working language is English. 


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